A special thanks to my clients for taking the time to send me these kind words.

-- Going into it, I really thought I had a great sense of style and selecting exciting outfits.  I thought I would hire you to simply purge my closet and strip it down to the essentials.  I was amazed at your ability to cater to my style and taste, and how quickly you could spot an outfit.  Not only did we rid my closet of clothes that were not worn or were out of style, but you put together outfits that I never would have thought of.  Thanks to C.STYLE I have an exciting new wardrobe without even purchasing any new clothes...One of the biggest compliments for C. Style is Carly's fun and kind demeanor.  We had a great time together and it didn't feel like she was doing a job.  For full reference letter click here.

-- I can't speak more highly of her. Don't let her thin frame deter anyone either, I am short with curves and love the things she has me wearing. I haven't lost any weight but have never felt thinner. 

-- I walk into the coffee area and say good morning to a coworker (male, my age).

Me: Good morning!

Him: Hey, good morning. Don't take this the wrong way, but what's up with your wardrobe lately?!?!? You look great!

Me: (laughing) Thank you!

Him: I don't know if you changed something, but I was just commenting yesterday to (coworker) that you're dressing really nicely lately.

Me: (still laughing) Thank you so much! I have to say I had a little help.

--You are so good at what you do and you've given this Momma some style and confidence...I've just been a different person since last Wednesday.  You are so sweet, helpful (and) cute...

--You have had a big positive impact on how I'm feeling about my appearance this weekend.  I've worn 3 outfits and loved them all.  Best of (all), I would never have even tried these clothes...and if I did, it would have been in sizes 2 sizes bigger...Each day that passes I am more excited about the results of your help last week.  I just feel so much better in these clothes that fit me. 

-- Carly thanks again for your expertise! It was so much fun... I just hung up all the keepers and am excited to have a fresh perspective. You truly have a talent. 

-- I had such a wonderful time and couldn't more pleased with the results!  It was much needed and it felt great to get your opinions and thoughts on everything!  

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