About Me

I’m Carly. Thanks for stopping by C. Style.  My husband and boys are my first loves in life, along with my faith.  My second love is style, fashion and clothes.   And yes, I can love them all!   That’s why C. Style exists!  We had family pictures taken recently; this is not how we normally look!  We live in Houston, Texas where I was born and raised.  I love it here!

Here is what my posts look like behind the scenes.  One of them is probably asking for a snack or juice. 


  1. Hey girl, you look marvelous! Great site for sure!

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  3. Hey Carly,

    First off: Your tots are darling!

    Second: I loathe shopping, I'm not particularly into fashion, and I work 60+ hours per week, so I don't have the time (or to be honest, the desire) to peruse fashion blogs. Peaches (my mother), is the complete opposite; loves to shop, keeps up with trends, and is retired. (She also lives vicariously, because I am her only daughter.) So, she faithfully follows you, and when she finds an outfit that works with my body-type and personal style, she posts it on my facebook wall. (And usually goes on a hunt to find whatever you're plugging at the moment.) Just thought you might enjoy knowing you've become part of a mother-daughter bonding tradition. :)

    Needless to say, we dig your style, girl.


  4. Sorry we missed eachother in Dallas! I would have loved to have met you! I'm your newest follower!