Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Dream Valentine's Day Outfit

 Ok, before you write this post off because you have none of this in your closet, hear me out :).  I absolutely love to put outfits together, especially when I'm helping clients. This is the time I get really giddy and start clapping my hands (yes, I really have done this).  So, just in case you're in a quandary about what to wear, I thought I'd help you out.  The outfit on the left is a monochromatic outfit with black accents. One of my favorite color combinations is black and blue- somewhat unexpected, but so rich and elegant.  It's worth making the point that these blues don't match exactly, but with a monochromatic pallette they don't have to.  Let me ask you this, do you have black pants or skirt in your closet?  Might you have two items of the same color that you could put with your black?  Viola! You have a Valentine's outfit!  Now, for the second option. I love black and white together (an indisputable classic), but what takes this outfit up a notch is the pop of color that the green earrings provide.  Now, let me ask you- might you have black bottoms that you could put with a white top?  What about a colorful pair of shoes, or a purse, or a pair of earrings?  

Outfit Links:   

Blue silk blouse- J.Crew, Blue drop earrings- Stella and Dot, Gold pendant necklace- Stella and Dot, Blue tassel clutch- ASOS, Black tassel clutch- ASOS, Polka dot blouse- J.Crew, Green earrings- Stella and Dot, Leather leggings- Club Monaco, Black pumps- J.Crew, Watch- J.Crew, Love bracelet- Urban Outfitters       


  1. I'm learning! Black + White +Pop of Color = Wonderful!
    (On the other hand, black+white+3 pops of same color=matchy-matchy-boring.)
    You're a great teacher :-)

  2. SUPER cool outfits!!!! LOVE the one on the right with those emerald green earrings. I REALLY love those earrings.

  3. Hey C. I don't have a Club M. Any idea where else to find pants like this? Online through shopbop there's only an 8 :(
    Shaeffer, you can overnight ship those and have them by Thursday or if you're in Houston, they come really fast.

  4. You read my mind.. I saw the clothes and thought, "I have none of that!"... but after reading what you had to say, I LOVE your ideas and will definitely be copying one of these for Valentine's Day!!


  5. Dear C., Please wear those leather leggings. I'm pretty sure you mentioned buying them a few months back and I don't recall seeing them in a post. I am going to try to get brave and bust mine out with the black pumps and either option a)color or b)white. Love the watch and necklace choice!