Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Favorite Fall Look

This is pretty much my favorite thing to wear right now.  I love to wear my riding boots with a sleeveless top.  To me it says- it's fall but look, I still live in Texas where it's 90 degrees.  Honestly, even if I didn't live in Texas I'd still be wearing this all the time with a cardigan or a fun tweed jacket. An added plus is that it's super comfortable.
 It's the perfect outfit for a football game, everyday errand running, shopping on the weekend or to go eat BBQ.
 I'm so bummed because Round Top is this weekend and I can't go, but for a really good reason.  If you're not from around here, Round Top is a huge antique fair that is held twice a year.  I would wear this in "the fields" if I was going.  I love it because I wouldn't get dirt all over my feet like I do when I wear sandals, and I'd stay cool in the white jeans and sleeveless top.   
This is why I wore it to the Ole Miss vs. Texas game 2 weekend ago.  Jeans - AG, Boots - Frye, Shirt - J. Crew awhile ago, Long Necklace - J. Silver in store, Short Necklace-Red Envelope way long ago: for similar Max and ChloePurse - LV they no longer carry this exact color

Monday, September 24, 2012

One Dress, Two Different Ways

I have this Little Black Dress that I invested in last year, and since I invested (I like to say invest when I've spent way too much money on a dress) in this dress I like to get the most wear out of it as possible. Last week I had a Black Tie Optional event and I wore my Little Black Dress.  Here's a really easy way to change the look of the same old dress.  This night I wore my hair down, wore some black suede pumps...

I put some colorful earrings on...
And some other fun accessories and voila! It's a different look from the last time I wore it...  
Earrings - Sarah Briggs via Jewelry Nut Auctions, Bracelet - Michael Kors

I wore the same dress last year to a Black Tie Charity Event.  I wore my hair up with some fun colored shoes and earrings, and it gave a different look to this little black dress.  Sometimes it pays to invest, or maybe that's what I'll tell myself-ha!  This dress deserves a post all by itself.  I bought this dress right after I had my my second baby.  The fabric disguises everything.  I think the saleslady said, " IS an Italian dressmaker." SOLD!  LBD - La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni at Nordstrom, Earrings - Kendra Scott

Friday, September 21, 2012

How to get the Layered Necklace Look

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If you've invited me into your closet then you know I'm a big fan of the layered necklace look.  For me it's the icing on the cake for practically any outfit.  Ok, now imagine the picture/outfit above without this necklace, kinda ho-hum, right?1?!  My clients often tell me that they just don't know how to do the layered look.  I have the perfect solution and it's only $16.  Can you believe?!?!?!  

c. style blog, c style blog, james perse, BP. Multichain necklace nordstrom, james perse blouse nordstrom, BP. gold chain necklace, carly lee, carley sundstrom lee, houston, tx

This BP. necklace from Nordstrom takes the guess work out of the layered necklace look.  The best part to me is that it doesn't look like a ready made layered necklace.  Did I mention it was $16?!?!?

c. style blog, c style blog, james perse, BP. Multichain necklace nordstrom, james perse blouse nordstrom, BP. gold chain necklace, carly lee, carley sundstrom lee, houston, tx

I thought it would be fun to post this on Friday for your weekend shopping pleasure!   The blouse is James Perse from Nordstrom.

c. style blog, c style blog, james perse, BP. Multichain necklace nordstrom, james perse blouse nordstrom, BP. gold chain necklace, carly lee, carley sundstrom lee, houston, tx

Taking my t-shirt and jeans up a notch with this necklace.  One of my very close friends said to me the other day, is it ok if I copy you?  The answer to this is, an emphatic YES!  That's what this blog is all about.  It truly makes me happy to share my finds and I hope that you like them enough to copy them otherwise C. Style wouldn't exist!  

(Photos by Mallory Lee)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My "Elaine" Outfit

I'm admittedly somewhat freakish about my travel outfits.  I realize this is not normal but I don't like to be uncomfortable when I'm stuck somewhere for a long period of time.  It's like I'm Elaine in the Seinfeld Subway episode.  I said it was freakish!  I recently went out of town and this is what I wore on the plane.  Here are a few of my requirements.   I like easy on/off shoes.  The shoes must be comfortable yet closed toed because of the air vents on the floor board of the plane that turn my toes into icicles.  Every item needs to be a loose or stretchy, cool, comfortable fabric.  My shirt needs to cover my back so that when I throw my bag up on the scale or put it in the scanner no one is seeing my backside.  Most importantly,  I need to breath.  Absolutely no tight waist bands.  

I'm laughing at this picture because my close friend's husband asked me why I'm always looking down in my pictures.

Here I am in baggage claim, so happy to have had comfy travel clothes on.

 And the outfit is still cute enough to go out on the town!  I wear this as an everyday outfit too!

Pants - Zara Jeggings for similar, Shirt - Anthropologie, Shoes - J. Crew, Necklace - Banana Republic way long ago, Gold hoops - Urban Outfitters in store only, Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Watch - Michael Kors 

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Perfect Riding Boots and Trench

I feel like riding boots and a classic trench coat are definitely a fall must have.  I purchased these riding boots last year and I love them.  In my humble opinion, I think they are the best riding boots on the market, not that I've seen every pair but I've looked at many.  I get soooo many compliments on them too.  You gotta love that!  Now that we're into fall you will start to see them in every post, get ready:)!  

I love a classic trench for the fall.  It's the perfect light weight jacket for mild climates.  When you're feeling a little drab just throw on a trench and you've got a great outfit.  I like trenches that have a little extra detail.  The pop of color under the collar on this trench feels like the perfect extra detail.  

Trench- Anthropologie, Hoops- Urban (in stores only), Boots- Frye , Burberry Sunglasses- Sunglass Hut

(Photos by Mallory Lee)

Friday, September 14, 2012

The T-Shirt Alternative

 I'm always looking for a good t-shirt alternative and tops that transitions from summer to fall.  I just found this shirt at Anthropologie that I'm crazy about and I wanted to share it!  I can't look like a fashion magazine everyday, and this shirt is super comfortable yet I still feel stylish in it.  I like the bright color on the top with the neutral bottom.  I especially like that it's not tight or restricting, which really comes in handy on certain days. 

Shirt- Anthropolgie, Purse- EPI LV, Watch- Michael Kors, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban Aviators, Earrings- Urban (Store only), Cross Necklace- Dogeared, Bar Necklace- Nashelle (similar)

(Photos by Mallory Lee)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Put A Little Pep in Your Step

It's raining in Houston today and I might be the only one who gets excited when it rains. This is purely for one reason and that's to wear my hot pink hunter rain boots.  4 years ago I was in Boston on vacation, and the entire time we were there it rained.  What?!?!?  It rained the entire vacation?!?!!  It was bad luck.  However I got a little pep in my step after purchasing my hot pink boots and now, on dreary rainy days, I feel the same way.

My sister-in-law came over today with this fabulous yellow North Face rain coat.  It will be my next purchase!  I am crazy about it and so I wanted to show you too!  If only I had a million dollars!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What's a Skin Colored Camisole for Anyway?

 Have you ever wondered when to wear a skin camisole, or what the difference is between a skin camisole and a white camisole?  When I was getting ready for my Sisters Unite post I ran into this perfect example of this predicament and I wanted to share it with you.  The evidence is below.  The white camisole completely detracts from the outfit, it's almost like that's all you see.  However, the skin colored camisole blends in with the outfit, allowing the details of the shirt to be seen. 
Skin Camisole

White Camisole

White Camisole
Skin Camisole

Viola! Skin colored camisole - Gap Pure Body Cami

Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's Wear White, Sisters Unite!

I'm not into rules that don't make sense.  I follow rules that keep people safe, like stopping at a red light or rules of goodwill, like the golden rule.  But no white after labor day, this rule makes no sense!  In Houston today we are experiencing a record high of 98 degrees, so why should I not wear my white!?!?  But rest assured I am not alone in doing away with this rule.  InStyle Magazine just did a feature on winter white also, Oprah endorsed white after labor day many years ago.  Even Emily Post agreed that it was acceptable to wear white after labor day, click here.  But even if it wasn't a record high today, not matter the temperature,  you will find me in white after labor day. 

I usually wouldn't wear a necklace with this shirt because of the cool chevron detail.  However, this pendant necklace actually worked to enhance and compliment the chevron detail.  When I paired it together and I saw how it looked, I got super excited!  Who gets excited about how a necklace goes with an outfit?  Umm- I do!

I love wearing boots with white jeans.  What's more classic than white jeans, brown riding boots and a navy cable knit sweater!

Sisters unite, let's wear our white!  Disclaimer: I'm not advocating wearing white to places that you wouldn't usualy wear white, like a cocktail party.  Also, just save yourself the headache, if you're going somewhere that you know there will be a lot of "Emily Posts" around just skip it.  It's not worth it.

My day look with the kiddies.

Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - AG, Vera Wang Booties - Nordstrom, Flats - Steve Madden, Ring - Isharya (similar), Watch - Michael Kors , Hoop Earrings - Urban Outfitters in store only, Pendant Necklace- J.Crew Factory

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Glam at the Beach

I'm back and while I was on vacation I had a style epiphany I wanted to share with you.  Here's the thing, celebrities look really great in their stilettos, long flowy cover-ups and chandelier earrings at the beach and by the pool but it's just not me.  But, I do want a little style at the beach.

At the beach, I usually wear studs in my ears with my swim suit.  I decided to try gold hoops.  I would put these on and instantly feel a little more glamorous.  After all, I had no make up on, I'm in a swim suit and I'm sticky from sunscreen so I needed a little extra glam.  I bought these hoops at Urban Outfitters for $12.  They have yet to tarnish and the sunblock didn't effect them.  Surprisingly, I'm really happy with the quality of these $12 hoops.  Sorry no link included, they are not on the internet.  I bought them at the store.

Just in case you thought you would look silly in hoop earrings playing with your kids on the beach or doing whatever activities you do at the beach, I included this picture.  If you walked by me at the beach, what would you think?  I don't think you'd think, oh that's too much, would you?  

Mr. C. Style 

Man, this dress is getting a lot of wear!  Don't Judge a Dress on It's Hanger

Glad to be back!