Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Of A Kind

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to the Urban Market Antique Show.  I love antiques, but not as much as clothes!  This is precisely why I ended up with a new purse at the Antique Show- ha!  I'm crazy about one-of-a-kind items or unique personal accessories.  Interior Designers say to fill your home with items that are uniquely you.  So- hey, I 'll just do the same for my wardrobe/closet!  P.s. I am loving the infinity scarf trick :)!

Here, I am trying on "the bag."  I have to say, from the very second I tried it on, I was a little giddy.  Yes, I get giddy over these things.  I had my sister take a picture of me because sometime I think you see things differently in pictures.  In this case, it made me like it even more.  Dangit, I don't need another bag, I tell myself.  But then I learned the story behind the bag...

It's made by Stash and Co.  Their bags are handmade individually in a 100-year-old historic landmark factory in small town Texas.  My backpack was made by J Raphael Klein and the leather actually has brand mark on it - making it truly one of a kind.  He even designed the outside pocket for an iPhone....genius!  Cheryl Schulke, the founder, A.K.A. Stash, has a great story- check it out here.   

If you think the bag is as cool as I do, check out their website.  They don't have it as one of the standard options, but they said it would be no problem to make it. It is the Backpack Sm | Chocolate.  If you decide to get one, rest assured, no two are alike- ha!    

Did I mention that my cross body gave me a headache the day before?  I needed this backpack for my health- haha!


  1. Thank you for coming out to The Urban Market! Love your new Stash bag. I have the market bag and love it as well.
    You have a great blog!

    Jackie Sharbrough, owner
    The Urban Market Houston Antique Show

  2. I love your outfit and your boots, do you mind sharing who makes them. Thank you so much

  3. Where can I get that scarf? Or one similar?? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jayme, My husband bought the scarf as a present in Paris. I found this one that's pretty similar. http://bit.ly/WHDtKN

  4. Where did you get your boots? Love them!