Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Glam at the Beach

I'm back and while I was on vacation I had a style epiphany I wanted to share with you.  Here's the thing, celebrities look really great in their stilettos, long flowy cover-ups and chandelier earrings at the beach and by the pool but it's just not me.  But, I do want a little style at the beach.

At the beach, I usually wear studs in my ears with my swim suit.  I decided to try gold hoops.  I would put these on and instantly feel a little more glamorous.  After all, I had no make up on, I'm in a swim suit and I'm sticky from sunscreen so I needed a little extra glam.  I bought these hoops at Urban Outfitters for $12.  They have yet to tarnish and the sunblock didn't effect them.  Surprisingly, I'm really happy with the quality of these $12 hoops.  Sorry no link included, they are not on the internet.  I bought them at the store.

Just in case you thought you would look silly in hoop earrings playing with your kids on the beach or doing whatever activities you do at the beach, I included this picture.  If you walked by me at the beach, what would you think?  I don't think you'd think, oh that's too much, would you?  

Mr. C. Style 

Man, this dress is getting a lot of wear!  Don't Judge a Dress on It's Hanger

Glad to be back!

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  1. I've been wanting to do a bathing suit post with all kinds of fun accessories, but I think I am running out of time! I love your suit!!!