Friday, July 27, 2012

The Simple Necklace, Not Just a Trend

The simple short necklace you may think is just a trend, but it's not!  If you think about it, short necklaces date back to B.C.!  Have I convinced you to find one for yourself?!  These are the best of the best!  I love the one pictured above because I wear it when I want to feel a little bohemian.  Necklace- Nashelle
If you've known me for any amount of time you've probably seen me in this necklace more times than not.  I like it because it's a different take on the "monogram necklace."  I used my husband and son's initials because that meant more to me than my own.  You could use any three letters that meant something to you. Necklace-Red Envelope way long ago: for similar Max and Chloe  

I was actually wearing this necklace while I was writing this post.  This one is extra special because a portion of the profits provide a woman with a microcredit loan in Thailand.  My friend Courtney introduced me to this amazing company, Noonday Collection, Thanks Courtney!  Daughter's First Diamond - Noonday Collection
This is the first picture of my friend's necklaces.  I love these photos because you rarely see them without these necklaces on and I love that, it's who they are!  Libby wears this diamond necklace (made by her jeweler) paired with the short James Avery charm necklace.  Her children were each given a charm of their inital for their baptism and she wears them, I love it! Diamond Necklace - Neiman Marcus for similar, Charm Necklace - James Avery

Jessica has worn this necklace since the day I met her and I absoulutely love it.  This cross necklace, of all the cross necklaces I've seen, is truly my favorite!  Cross Necklace - Neiman Marcus

Morgan wears these Nashelle necklaces as her staple.  I loved the bar one so much I bought it for myself!  Are you surprised, ha!  But what I love most is that she wears them along with her other fun necklaces.  I love that! For similar Gold Necklace- Nashelle; Black Necklace- Aarikka


  1. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
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  2. What about the long link necklace you're wearing with the Daughter's First Diamond?