Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tip: Get Creative

I recently had an epiphany while putting this outfit together and I wanted to share!

 When I was deciding what to wear that day, I picked out this shirt   and then I was stumped. It was a chilly day and I was needing to dress up my outfit. I really wanted to wear my blazer, so I started looking for a different shirt to wear.  But then I thought, why can't I wear this shirt under my blazer?!  Just because it isn't the type of shirt you would typically wear under something doesn't mean I can't make it work! So, I did...

And I love the way it turned out! So, the tip today is to get creative. You don't have to stick to the standard shell for under your blazers, sweaters or jackets! Mix it up and have fun!  

 Outfit links:
Top- Club Monaco for similar, Blazer- Nordstrom, Jeans- AG, Shoes- Tildon

Accessory Links:
Bag- Stella McCartney smaller version, Necklace- Madewell, Watch- Michael Kors, Earrings- Here for similar

Monday, April 14, 2014

Old Navy Finds

I had some really great luck at Old Navy recently and I wanted to share!

Who doesn't love a white linen shirt?  It doesn't get much easier or classic than that!  I know I'll be wearing this shirt all Summer with my jeans and shorts. 
Heck, I can even wear it as a cover up.  

I feel like the collar makes me look more put together with very little effort on my part.  I'm wearing a camisole underneath in the picture, but you certainly don't have to.  The pockets give good coverage.  

 I don't mind when linen gets wrinkled. To me, it just looks natural and chic. Imperfectly perfect!

Outfit links:
Top- Old Navy, Jeans- Citizens of Humanity, Shoes- Rivieras, Bag- Here for similar, Earrings- Nordstrom, Watch- Kate Spade

My other finds:

I'm loving this grey skirt! I just know it's a solution that is really going to work for me in the Summer. It'll be perfect for the days that I don't want the extra fabric of shorts, and I just want to wear tennis shoes but still look cute.  I'll be like sporty spice (did I really just say that) -ha!  Well, you know what I think about my new denim vest, post (here). And they carry it in white denim, too!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekend Outfit Inspiration

In this post, I hope to give you an idea of an outfit you can wear this weekend.  I often copy an outfit exactly, or save it as a reminder (pin boards here). Then when I am stumped, I can take a look at all the ideas I've saved for inspiration! "Oh, I forgot about my white blazer or flare jeans, I'll wear those this weekend!" Either way, I hope to make your life just a little easier and make getting dressed this weekend fun!

A few styling tips to try: If you wear a blazer, try to do some kind of tuck to show a waist line (unless the shirt underneath is tight and  the waistline is already visible). Try wearing a wedge or heel with your flare jeans, it aids in keeping the line of the leg long and lean. And cuffing the sleeves of your blazer adds an extra fun element.

Outfit Links:
Blazer- J.Crew, Top- Club Monaco similar, Jeans- J Brand, Wedges- Calvin Klein, Bag- Stella McCartney smaller version, Watch- Kate Spade, Hoops- Nordstrom