Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tip: Where it Hits

I have shied away from posts like this because our bodies and how to dress them are very sensitive subjects. I've been especially hesitant to write about it because I have been worried you all might think, "what does she know about insecurities?". But we all have them and please know that I am not without my own (read more about it here). I'm writing this because I love to encourage clients to achieve the best look with their clothes, and I thought it was about time I share some of this knowledge with you guys. When you are reading this post, try not to think about a body but instead, think about lines and proportions.  At the end of this post my goal is for you to feel encouraged NOT discouraged.  So let's start... 

Which outfit do you think looks better, left or right?  Hopefully you are saying right -ha! Look at the picture on the left. Do you see how I look like one column, starting at my shoulders and continuing to my hips? Where is your eye drawn? Probably the horizontal line that breaks me up at my hips. Where do you want eyes to be drawn? Probably not your hips.  Do you see how the eye is drawn to the waistline in the picture on the right?  It's because that's where the horizontal line is.  You may be thinking, "But wait, she's never seen MY hips! I need to cover them." But I don't have to because no matter what, you don't want the horizontal line to be at your hips.  If you're thinking, "But I don't have a waist line, or my waistline isn't that great", that's why a sloppy tuck is so great!  It gives the illusion of a waist line without hugging your waist.  There are other ways to give the illusion of a waistline but more on that later.

You know what else is good about having the line at your waist?  Your booty gets to be seen.  Now, if you are thinking, "Wwwwwait, you haven't seen MY booty!", I don't have to. Just ask your boyfriend, husband or male friends.  You catch my drift?

My hope is that you try a sloppy tuck or you buy a t-shirt that hits at the waist and see what happens.  Just make sure your pants are tight.  Ha!

Outfit Links:
Top- Zara, Jeans- Shopbop for similar, Shoes- J. Crew for similar, Necklace- Nordstrom for similar, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs also at Wisteria, and Giles and Brother, Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick: Repeat Looks

For some reason, this week is really busy. Is it because Halloween is at the end of the week, and the holiday's are starting?  Regardless, I'm feeling it and I bet you all are too, so I thought it would be fun to share a trick I use when I don't have time to think about what to wear.  I repeat.  Sometimes I'll repeat the exact same outfit, or sometimes I'll wear the same look with a different shirt or shoes.  For instance, on Monday I wore the outfit above...

 And today, I'm basically wearing the same look.  White jeans with a dark shirt and complimenting shoes.  Sometimes all we need is a place to start when looking in our closets.  It can be overwhelming to look at your closet and wonder, "Should I wear pants, a skirt, jeans, shorts....". If you already have something started, you can just replicate.  And that's what I did here. I hope you all find this helpful!  And when you see me, feel free to ask, "Did you wear this yesterday?". The answer is probably, yes!  Especially if I dropped my son off in the carpool line -ha!

Monday's Outfit: 
Top- Madewell different color on SALE, Jeans- J Brand, Shoes- Via Spiga, Bag- Coach, Necklace- Jeny Baker Designs also available at Wisteria, Watch- Michael Kors, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Today's Outfit:
Shirt- Zara, Jeans- J Brand, Booties- Rag and Bone,  Necklace- Jeny Baker Designs also available at Wisteria, Watch- Michael Kors, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs, Sarah Briggs, Giles and Brother

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Everyday Outfits

I hope you guys find lots of outfit inspiration to make getting dressed in the morning easy and fun!  In this post, I'm sharing lots of transitional outfit inspiration, my new favorite tee from Urban Outfitters (worn three different ways), and my new favorite work out tank.

Top- J. Crew and Madewell for similar, Sweater- J. Crew, Shorts- Nordstrom for similar, Shoes- J. Crew for similar, Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Necklace- Nordstrom for similar

Last Friday, I posted about transitional outfits and while I was writing it, I got inspired.  The next day, I wore a flannel top with shorts and a cardigan tied around my waist.   

Top- J. Crew, Blazer- J.Crew for similar, Jeans- AG, Shoes- Converse, Earrings- Nordstrom for similar, Watch- Cartier
Shorts- Anthropologie, Sneakers- J. Crew for similar, Hat- Red Sox

This outfit transitioned throughout the day.  I had a breakfast meeting, so I wore a blazer with my jeans and popped the collar of my oxford.  It started to heat up later in the day, so the blazer came off.  Then it was off to the ball fields for my son's t-ball practice.  It was really hot by that point, so I threw on some shorts and a baseball hat.

Mixing the preppy look (oxford) and the edgy look (hole-y jeans) for interest and fun!  I sloppy tucked the front to show a waist line, popped the collar and rolled the sleeves for comfort and to make the look more casual.

Top- Nordstrom for similar, Jeans- 7 For All Mankind, Shoes- Via Spiga, Flats- Nordstrom, Sweater- Splendid, Bag- Coach, Necklace and Bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs, Cuff- Giles and Brother, Bangles- Alex and Ani, Earrings- Argento Vivo, Watch- Michael Kors

This outfit was also inspired by the transitional outfit post.  I had fun wearing a sleeveless top with my wedge sandals in fall colors.  I started the day with a light weight sweater and ended the day wearing it to dinner.  But by the time dinner came around, I had to get rid of the heels! 

Top- Here and here for similar, Pants- Rag and Bone for similar, Shoes- Via Spiga, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Necklace- Nordstorm for similar, Earrings- J. Crew Factory for similar

For this transitional outfit, I paired a summer-y top with a pair of what I usually consider fall/winter jeans and my wedge sandals. I think I'm going to do this again tomorrow.  What summery top will you wear with your jeans? 

Top- Everlane, Jeans- AG, Booties- Nordstrom for similar, Druzy Necklace and Bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs, Beaded Necklace- Stella and Dot, Earrings- Argento Vivo

I wore this to parent teacher conferences. It's dressy but casual, with a sloppy tuck to show a waist line.  Can you tell I'm obsessed with showing a waist line? -ha!  It's one of my favorite tips, because it makes a huge difference!

Top- Saint James, Jeans- AG for similar, Sandals- Nordstrom for similar, Watch- Michael Kors, Earrings- Argento Vivo

Easy.  Classic.  My kind of outfit.

Dress- Here for similar, Vest- Nordstrom for similar, Necklace- Noonday Collection, Short Necklace- Nordstrom for similar, Sandals- K. Jacques and ASOS for similar, Earrings- Gorjana for similar

Transitioning with a black sundress and a vest on top.  Next up, a sundress with booties.  

Up next is my new favorite tee from Urban Outfitters worn three different ways.  I first blogged about it here.  I knew I was going to love this tee! I love where it hits, I love the weight of it, I love the neck line, I love that it's not tight… Well, I love it.
Top- Urban Outfitters, Shorts- Here for similar, Shoes- J.Crew for similar, Necklace- Katie Amend, Bracelet- Jeny Baker Designs, Short Necklace- Nordstrom for similar

See how it hits just at the waist but doesn't hug?

Top- Urban Outfitters, Pants- Paige, Shoes- K. Jacques and ASOS for similar, Beaded necklace- Stella and Dot, Druzy Necklace and beaded bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs, Cuff- Giles and Brother, Earrings- Argento Vivo

See how the neckline isn't too low but is just right?

Top- Urban Outfitters, Blouse- J. Crew, Leggings- Club Monaco, Shoes- J.Crew, Earrings- Nordstrom for similar, Necklace- Stella and Dot, Bracelets- Stella and Dot and Jeny Baker Designs

And here I wore a white oxford under it to dress it up.  I am loving this top.  Did I mention I like love this top? 

Top- Here for similar, Shorts- Old Navy for similar, Sandals- Nordstrom for similar, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Earrings- Noonday Collection, Bracelet- Furbish for similar

Here I was headed to eat Mexican food...I felt inspired by my cuisine.  Because I'm dorky like that. -ha!

Top- Zella, Tank- Nike, Leggings- Zella, Shoes- Havaianas, Earrings- Gorjana for similar

I love this new "marble wash" tank.  It makes me feel cool for some reason. -ha!  Oh, and it's super soft.