Thursday, October 23, 2014

Transitional Outfit Inspiration

What does one wear when it's fall (according to the calendar), but it's still hot outside? How about taking inspiration from fall colors and keeping the layers light? 

Or how about throwing on a fall piece with a summer piece, like wearing sandals with your jeans?  Or wearing booties with a sun dress?  Or one of my favorites, wearing a long sleeve top with shorts?  Here, I took inspiration from fall colors and mixed fall and summer pieces with my sandals and jeans.

The light layers are great because when it warms up at mid day, my light weight sweater is off! It's perfect because I'm left wearing jeans, a tee and sandals. On a side note, I'm really loving grey as a transitional nail polish color.  I'm wearing Essie "Merino Cool" but my friend had Essie "Take it Outside" on the other day, and I couldn't stop staring at her nails. 

What transitional outfits will you come up with? How about a fall plaid shirt with shorts, a black sundress with booties, a green top with jeans and brown sandals?  Are you inspired? I'd love to see!  Take a picture and tag me on Instagram!  We'll keep this inspiration thing going!  In the meantime, I'll keep posting my transitional OOTD's (outfit of the day) on Instagram  

Outfit Links:
Sweater- Splendid, Top- Anthropologie, Jeans- AG, Sandals- K.Jacques and here for similar, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Earrings- Gorjana for similar, Bracelets- Jeny Baker Designs also found at Wisteria,  Necklace- Jeny Baker Designs also found at Wisteria

Flash Post

 Lets just consider this a mini/quasi/flash post.  Read this post as if your bestie, who loves to shop, was sending you an e-mail saying, "Oh my gosh, I had to tell you about these items on super sale!  I'm freaking out over them, so I had to share." 

I came across this tee yesterday while in J. Crew.  The sales associate (Ashley at City Center was so helpful, btw) pointed it out to me.  She said that it fits people really well and it's really cute on.  You wouldn't be able to tell from the online pics or from looking at it on the hanger,  and that's why I threw it on and stood in front of my pantry to show you guys -ha!  I'm in love with the swing shape of it. It gives you the illusion of a waist line without hugging the middle, and it's a flattering shape for most. For sizing, I'm wearing a medium in the picture above.

Then I came across this necklace.  I didn't see it in the store but I found it while online last night, and I am so, so, so loving it.  I don't know why, but it doesn't look like a J. Crew necklace to me and I kinda like that. And, I've been seeing horns used in a lot of necklaces lately and this is the first one that I LOVE!

 These are officially my favorite black flat this season and they're on SALE.  Don't be like me and wait to buy them, because then you'll buy them when their not on sale and just be mad at yourself.  I'm hoping I can get a price adjustment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Winter White

If you're on the fence about wearing white after labor day, I get it.  Sometimes it's so hard to go against a rule we grew up with.  And in the end, if you're not comfortable with it, it's no biggie!  But, just in case you're on the fence, I thought it would be fun to give you some inspiration and maybe a little ammo. And who better to give you some ammo than Elin Kling (Sweden's most famous blogger and former model)?

Not only is she wearing white after labor day, but she wore white to NYFW (New York Fashion Week)! And I love that she wore her white with black!  Can I be honest with you? I think this whole look is so cool.  In my mind, it's major ammo, which is exactly why I had to share it.  But wait, I have another picture (equally as cool) for you…

Look how perfectly elegant and classic she looks. I love the white and cream combination.  I love that, like Elin, she is wearing a sweater with her white jeans. In fact, I just decided in this moment that this is what I'm wearing for my family pictures.  Now I just have to convince my husband to wear something similar to this guy.  Ummmm.... probably not going to happen.

Well, I'm hoping these pictures gave you just the ammo you need to wear your white after labor day.  I know they were just the inspiration I needed, as you can tell since I copied Elin's outfit and I'll be copying the white and cream combination soon -ha!  Let's wear our white!

Outfit Links:
Sweater- Topshop, Pants- Rebecca Minkoff, Booties- B.P., Earrings- RPM Creations and  Urban Outfitters for similar